Grand Opening Party

My dear friends,

We had a few hiccups with the city, and did not receive our license to re-sell used items. However, we are still going to have our “Grand Opening Party”, we just can’t sell any used items. I can work on your instruments, sell you cables and strings, but I can’t sell you records. Bummer, I know! 

Please come out this Friday, June 22nd @ 6:30 and have a good time. Andrew Neal will be playing @ 7:30 and then later in the night Bell Buskin & Kraffte will take us on home!

Saturday night features Chirs Tanner of Vince Dynamic @ 7:30!

It’s going to be a blast, we promise! We will be fully operational as soon as we can. Thanks for understanding and thank you for you support!

The Kitsch Crew


Hello friends,

I just updated the “Repair”, and “What We Carry” sections of the website. You can find all the goodies in stock at Electric Kitsch, from strings and cables, to stereos and clothes! The repair section is completely detailed (maybe too much) down to the last mega pixel, or whatever that means. But if you do have any questions, email us at