FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some questions you may have about Electric Kitsch, what we have in stock, guitar repair, and amplifier repair.

General Store Questions

Q: What is Electric Kitsch?: Electric Kitsch is a vintage boutique that deals with items that are generally 25+ years old.This pertains to records, clothes, electronics, instruments, and household items. We also offer guitar and amplifier/electronics repair from old to new.

Q: Does Electric Kitsch buy used items from customers?: Currently, Electric Kitsch only buys records, LPs, and 45s from customers. Perhaps in the near future this will change.

Q: What are the store hours?: We are open from 11am-6pm Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm on Saturday, and we are closed on Sunday except for special events.

Q: Do you have shows?: Yes, we are able to house very small acoustic acts. Please email us if you are looking to book a show. However, since we do not have an entertainment license we cannot charge for shows, they are donation only!


Q: My guitar is making an electronic “buzzing” sound. What is it?: Most likely it is a ground issue, and is generally a simple fix. Something like this only costs $10.

Q: My guitar has fret buzz, what can I do?: 99 times out a 100 a setup will take care of this issue. Many people believe or have been told that the guitar needs to be refretted. This is rarely true. A truss rod and bridge adjustment usually does the trick.

Q: My guitar never stays in tune, why is this?: It is possible that the guitar’s intonation is incorrect, or that there are issues with the nut and/or bridge. It is just best to bring it in!

Q: I have active pickups in my instrument and it is currently not making sound, what happened?: Active pickups or electronics use a 9V battery for operation. Most of the time the battery has gone dead and needs to be replaced. 

Q: Sometimes my volume/tone pot cuts in and out, what do I do?: This usually means that the pot is dirty and simply needs to be cleaned. In some cases the washer in the pot has gone bad and needs to be replaced. A repair like this normally comes in under $20.

Q: I keep breaking strings in the same spot, why?: If you keep breaking the same string in the same spot, there could be a groove in the area that is rubbing on the string. And when played, the groove makes a kink in the string, weakening it, and eventually breaking it. However, there could be other issues such as improper stringing of the instrument. It is best to bring it on in!

Amplifier Related Questions

Q: What kinds of amplifiers do you repair?: We repair nearly any amplifier, from vintage radios (tube or solid state), vintage guitar/bass amps (tube or solid state), stereo-receivers, you name it!

Q: Do you repair speakers?: We can fix, repair, or install speakers, nearly any make or model. Sometimes it is worth it getting those old Fanes re-coned, trust me!

Q: What other types of electronics do you fix?: We can fix effects processors, guitar foot pedals, reel to reels, turntables and more! Just give us a call before you bring it down!

Q: My tube amp has a pretty bad hum, what’s wrong with it?: It can be a number of things ranging from a bad tube, leaky cap, or a ground issue. Our qualified tech will be able to tell you, and fix it up for you!

Q: I have a tube amp and it seems like it has no power left in it, what’s wrong with it? This could be a tube problem problem. When tubes are pushed too hard, out of bias, or if they are simply too old, it can seem like you are fighting your amp for more power. Generally it means your tubes are shot, and need to be replaced and biased once again. Remember, preventative maintenance is always key into saving the life of a tube amp. Don’t let this problem persist as a bad tube can lead to failure in other parts, eventually leading to a blown transformer!

Q: What is your bench fee?: Our bench fee is $35. This is of course applied to the total if you decide to go through with the repair. Sorry, we cannot diagnose amplifiers for free, as it is time consuming enough just to sometimes get inside some of them.