Guitar Stuff

We carry a wide variety of vintage goodies ranging from records, instruments and amplifiers, HiFi’s, clothes, and wonderful kitschy items from the 50′s-80′s!

We also take care of our musicians. Not only to do we offer instrument repair, we have also carry guitar and bass accessories such as strings, picks, parts, cables and more!
Here is a nice little list of some of the USA brands we stock!


DR Strings: A personal favorite of mine, handmade right in New Jersey. Endorsers include Bootsy Collins, Derek Trucks, and Jonas Hellborg. DR offers something for everybody, with a wide variety of electric, bass, acoustic, banjo, mandolin strings, and more! I have also made DR Tite-Fit 10-46 our “house” string for electric setups!

Ernie Ball Strings: An industry standard. Ernie Ball has been in the business for nearly sixty years! Users of Ernie Ball strings include John Petrucci, Eric Clatpton, and Joe Bonamassa. Their strings remain popular among musicians because of their durability and extremely low cost! Of the 20,000+ guitars I’ve set up over the years, Ernie Ball takes the number one seed among musicians.

D’Adarrio Strings: Again, one of the best in the business, and one of the oldest. D’Addario strings are still made in New York, and still a family company. A perfect, no-nonsense string. Jerry Seindfeld would ask, “Where could I get a nonsense string?” Well, Jerry, not from these guys.

GHS Strings: GHS strings are made right in our backyard! Well, Battle Creek that is, and that’s a close enough call for me. Over forty years experience for these cats, and nothing seems better than supporting not only a USA company, but a Michigan company at that! Nothing gets more famous than the GHS Guitar Boomers!

Everly String Company: These Californians make high quality products. They sound fantastic, they are tough, and have been growing steadily over the past several years. Highly recommended. Not to mention they are some of the coolest cats I’ve ever done business with. If you get a chance, please meet them at NAMM, you won’t regret it!

Elixir Strings: Elixir strings seem to be the fan favorite of the coated string. Long lasting, smooth, and bright, it’s easy to see why.


Quantum Audio Designs: Quantum Audio Designs is one of the last USA made cable companies that are super high quality and affordable. They use USA wire, USA made ends such as Switchcraft and Amphenol, and nothing beats ‘em! This is all I play, and all I recommend for guitar, patch, mic, studio, and live applications.